Boost your intelligence with microdosing

Intelligence is a quality that we would like to enhance, the question is whether microdosing would make it possible? The use of microdosing is not an unknown phenomenon anymore. Especially in the demanding world of Sillicon Valley many hard working young people seem to use microdosing to cope better with the demands of their job.

More intelligence, creativity, imagination, stress resistance, knowledge, the more you can, the more successful you can be. That's why there is a lot of interest in the possibilities of microdosing. With a small dose of a psychedelic drug you could discover the hidden powers of your brain. Is that really possible? Find the answers in this blog.

What is intelligence anyway?

We don't yet know everything about microdosing and what exactly the effects of these small doses of psychedelics are. It is one of the least researched areas in research on mind-altering substances. In order to know what kind of influence microdosing can have, it is useful to first establish what intelligence actually is.

Intelligence includes everything that has to do with our cognitive functioning. It is skills, such as reasoning, problem solving, abstract thinking, planning, learning and understanding complex problems. Your mental abilities allow you to use language, concentrate and use your memory to recall information from the past. All these functions together make up your intelligence.

It's a pretty broad term, and determining a person's level of intelligence is even more complicated. Some people are very good at solving mathematical problems, while others are stronger with language or have excellent spatial insight. Although these are all different forms of intelligence, microdosing psychedelics might have a positive effect on it.

How microdosing could boost intelligence

An important component of intelligence is creativity. This trait promotes thinking of original solutions and out-of-the-box thinking. Luisa Prochazkova of Leiden University in 2018 research done on the power of microdosing.

One of the benefits of using very small amounts of a psychedelic is that it doesn't get you high. But psychedelics have been shown to have certain benefits on your mental abilities, such as divergent thinking and cognitive flexibility. Prochazkova investigated whether microdosing also had an influence on convergent thinking, divergent thinking and fluid intelligence.

Convergent thinking has to do with thinking of solutions and divergent thinking with non-linear thinking. Especially the latter is an important skill for being creative. Microdosing appeared to have a positive influence on this. Participants noted that it was easier to think creatively and to come up with original solutions. But microdosing also promoted convergent thinking.

Perform better with microdosing

Where normal doses of psychedelics help you with creative thinking, they unfortunately interfere with rational thinking. With microdosing you literally have the best of both worlds: both your creative thinking and your rational thinking are stimulated. It could even be that microdosing helps your brain to maintain the ideal balance between creative and logical thinking.

Although not much scientific research has been done on microdosing yet, the first results are promising. Intelligence is a comprehensive concept. In order to make good use of the capacity of your brain, emotional well-being and fitness are also important. From data It appears that microdosing can also help to support your concentration and improve your mood. Many people also feel more energetic when microdosing.

It is thought that the power of microdosing stems from the fact that psychedelics cause lasting changes in the brain. For example, they increase neuroplasticity, promote the creation of new nerve cells, and counteract inflammation in the nerves.
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