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Fresh Mushrooms is a company that has been involved and immersed in the world of mushrooms and truffles for 25 years. With that kind of knowledge and experience, we like to connect. Hence we are dealer of the products of Fresh Mushrooms. High quality, environmentally friendly, easy to use, these are the characteristics with which they distinguish themselves.

A brief introduction to Fresh Mushrooms

25 years ago Fresh Mushrooms was founded by mycologist and entrepreneur in heart and soul, Hans Grootewal. The company grew quickly and together with his daughter Astrid they managed to expand it. Their name became known and they have been market leader in the Netherlands for many years now. There are now three generations working at Fresh Mushrooms. A true family business, working from a clear vision.

That vision is that the use of magic mushrooms and truffles can provide a positive contribution to your own development: such as more creativity and a higher stress resistance so you can better deal with stress. Fresh Mushrooms likes to deliver a product that can help people to support their health.

The company was founded on the following points of view. After all these years, these are still central:

Restore the balance: Man has developed in such a way that he is now out of balance. This applies to himself as well as to his connection with nature. Magic mushrooms and truffles can do a lot to restore this balance.

Crafty: Through the artisanal cultivation process, they are able to deliver a top-notch product. These special fungi may be just what you need to get the most out of yourself.

Highest quality: Fresh Mushrooms' goal is to grow magic mushrooms and truffles of high quality and with a pleasant taste.

The history of magic mushrooms and truffles

Nature's peoples have been using the magical power of mushrooms and truffles for thousands of years. Many traces have been found, especially in Mexico and Guatemala, where figurines and rock paintings have been found of mushrooms. These seem to indicate that magic mushrooms have been used since the gray past. The power of psilocybin however, is known all over the world, from Africa to Russia and from Europe to America.

We can't know exactly what role the mushrooms played in those primitive societies. But probably shamans and priests used them during sacred rituals and ceremonies (this is still done today). In this way they could cross the border to the other world and get in touch with the higher. They got visions and could use the special effects of the mushrooms to heal their fellow villagers or help them in other ways.

These special mushrooms had an important place in society. People also had a lot of respect for the magic powers of the mushroom. In the language of the original inhabitants of Mexico they are called Teonanácatl, which means meat of the Gods. Usually only shamans were allowed to use the mind-altering powers of the mushroom.

Unfortunately in the western world the opinion about magic mushrooms has changed, especially the last few years. They were allowed to be sold and used here until 2008, but since December 1st 2008 the use of fresh mushrooms is prohibited.

The consequences for Fresh Fushrooms

This change in the law had major consequences for Fresh Mushrooms. They were forced to cease all business activities immediately. Truffles are not covered by the Opium Act. Fresh Mushrooms therefore focused on the cultivation and sale of truffles two and a half years later. These are legal, but also have a hallucinogenic effect. Hans Grootewal did not allow himself to be discouraged. He decided he had no other choice than to become the best truffle grower in The Netherlands.

The products of Fresh Mushrooms

Magic truffles

Fresh Mushrooms is a company that stands for quality. They only want to deliver products that are perfect. Much care is taken in every step of the cultivation, packaging and shipping to the consumer. That is also the reason that Fresh Mushrooms is the largest grower of magic truffles in the world. The truffles have the best taste and the ideal amount of active substances (psilocybin).

Truffles are a natural product. They have no addictive effect, so there is no mental or physical dependence. Your body will also take care of a quick disposal of the substance, so within one day you will not notice the influence anymore. The use of truffles has no harmful effects on your health.

Fresh Mushrooms produces 7 types of truffles:

  • Psilocybe Atlantis
  • Psilocybe Galindoi
  • Psilocybe Hollandia
  • Psilocybe Mexicana
  • Psilocybe Pajaritos
  • Psilocybe Pampanensis
  • Psilocybe Utopia

Growkits magic mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms may no longer be sold in physical or online stores after the 2008 ban. What can be done is offering grow kitsWith these kits you can grow mushrooms at home. With these kits anyone can get started, they make growing as easy as possible. There are 11 different types of mushrooms available:

  • Albino XP
  • B+ XP
  • Cambodian XP
  • Colombian XP
  • Ecuador XP
  • Golden Teacher XP
  • Mazatapec XP
  • Mc Kennaii XP
  • Mexican XP
  • Moby Dick XP
  • Thai XP

Dutchmicrodosing is official dealer of the grow kits of Fresh Mushrooms.


Magic mushrooms have a lot more to offer than just the psychoactive effect. When you take small quantities of a mind-altering substance (the so called micro-dosing), you can still notice the subtle positive effects, but the dose is too low to suffer from the psychoactive substances. So you won't get high and you can safely use them in any situation.

Fresh Mushrooms has invested a lot of time in developing the Microdosing XP Magic Truffles. They try to make microdosing as easy as possible. In a package there is a blister with 6 fresh magic truffles of 1 gram each. This means you don't have to worry about the dose and the truffles stay fresh for a long time.

Microdosing is a great way to support your body and mind, for example when you have stress, concentration problems, emotional instability or fear. People report that microdosing gives them more energy or makes them more creative. The influence of microdosing can be felt on a subtle level. You can see your microdose truffles as a supplement, just like vitamin C or taking extra minerals.

Many people are looking for a completely natural remedy that can help with these kinds of complaints. Microdosing magic truffles may be the answer. Science is also discovering the power of microdosing and of the psychoactive substance psilocybin. It triggers the brain to be more creative, to have better concentration and the two hemispheres of the brain to work better together.

Dutchmicrodosing is convinced of the benefits of magic truffles. Therefore we are official dealer of Microdosing XP truffles.

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