What are 100% organic and biological grown mindblowing Truffles and Mushrooms?

A mycelium is an underground network of fungal threads. Normally mushrooms grow from this system of fungal threads. Sometimes however the circumstances are not suitable for the growth of the mushrooms. In unfavourable climatic conditions the mycelium starts to produce sclerotia, to store moisture and nutrients for better times. Sclerotia is the scientific name for truffles. Unlike the mushrooms, the truffles grow under the ground between the fungal threads and thus serve as a kind of emergency ration to support the growth of the mushrooms when the climate is unfavourable.

There are no less than 200 species of psychedelic mushrooms with different specific effects. Why is it that natural truffles and mushrooms have a mind-expanding effect? Mind-expanding mushrooms, also called magic mushrooms, and truffles contain the active psychedelic substances psilocybin and psilocin. Both substances are tryptamines, of which the psilocin makes a psychoactive connection with the serotonine-receptors in the brain. So it is mainly the psilocin that is responsible for the manifestation of the mind-expanding and psychedelic effects. Psilocin is capable of making new neural connections in the brain, which allows the user to break through repetitive thought processes and stuck thinking patterns, and thereby increase awareness. The chemical composition of psilocin is very similar to that of serotonin, allowing it to bind to serotonin receptors. Serotonin is a tryptamine that influences sleep, orgasm, mood, appetite, emotion, mood and memory.

What is Microdosing with 100% organic and biological Magic Truffles

Microdosing is the structural taking of a very low sub-hallucinogenic dose of psilocybin mushrooms, truffles or LSD, with therapeutic purposes. The goal is absolutely not to experience a psychedelic trip. The popularity of microdosing is growing every day. More and more research on psilocybin and test therapies with microdoses of this active substance from the truffles have shown amazing results on depression, cluster headaches, migraines and stress relief. An increase in creative thinking, gives the user new insights that can lead to an increase in problem solving abilities. A micro dose of psilocybin is between 0,1 and 0,5 grams of dried mushrooms. Microdosing with truffles is the most reliable way to start microdosing. Each dose of 1 gram fresh truffles, contains about 2 mg psilocybin. With mind-altering truffles, a microdose of 1 gram is usually used, because the truffles are fresh and not dried. The weight (the dose) is heavier because of the moisture in the fresh truffle.

Benefits of Microdosing with 100% organic and biological Magic Truffles

The benefits of microdosing with psilocybin truffles are astounding. The results of many recent studies and research on the effect of microdosing as a replacement for current antidepressants are amazing. Psilocybin is said to bring relief to individuals suffering from severe therapy-resistant depression. In these studies, the candidates were provided with small doses of psilocybin truffles during a certain period by means of a treatment schedule. Building up a tolerance to psilocybin is something you want to avoid, because then you will have to increase the dose every time. Tolerance to psilocybin can be prevented by making a cure schedule. Such a schedule for microdosing with psilocybin truffles looks like this:

  • Day 1: Microdose day +/-1 gram
  • Day 2: Microdose day +/- 1 gram
  • Day 3: No dose day
  • Day 4: No dose day
  • Day 5: Microdose day +/- 1 gram
  • Day 6: Microdose day +/- 1 gram
  • Day 7: No dose day
  • Day 8: No dose day
  • Day 9: Repeat cycle above


  • Day 1: Microdose day +/-1 gram
  • Day 2: No dose day
  • Day 3: No dose day
  • Day 4: Microdose day +/- 1 gram
  • Day 5: No dose day
  • Day 6: No dose day
  • Day 7: Repeat cycle above

The effects of microdosing with psilocybin truffles will only really be effective in a cure longer than 3 weeks. We recommend keeping some kind of diary/cure book in which you note changes in behavior or thinking etc. Below is a list of the effects of microdosing with psilocybin truffles. These positive effects can bring about the desired changes in behavior or thinking patterns.

  • Improves the mood
  • Positive influence on sleep
  • Concentration and focus increases (beneficial in ADHD)
  • Works as a natural antidepressant
  • More stress resistant
  • More energy and better mood
  • Increase in creative out of box thinking
  • Positive mindset
  • Making decisions easier
  • Clear thinking
  • Physical and mental rest

Spiritual tripping with 100% organic and biological Magic Truffles

Apart from microdosing, which has more of a therapeutic basis, psilocybin truffles are also real spiritual truffles. These underground tuberous truffles contain even slightly more psilocybin than magic mushrooms. With the use of a Mindfold (sleep mask) it is possible to experience intense visualizations, lifelike visions and profound dimensional travel. Your senses are sharpened, the concept of time and space falls away and new insights will help you find solutions for daily problems. Of course you can also trip without a Mindfold and you will also experience the visual effects of psilocybin. The visualizations with the eyes open however, will tend to distort (undulating movement) of objects, such as a curtain that seems to move or a plant in which you can see the energy colors and life. Entheogens have been used for thousands of years for spiritual purposes. Entheogen means "coming from the god within" and is a category of psychedelic drugs that induce a spiritual experience, intended for personal development. Psilocybin mushrooms and truffles are examples of the many entheogenic substances available. An entheogenic trip is the most special experience a person can have. Of course there are strong entheogens and less strong ones, but all of them contribute to an increase in consciousness through their mind-expanding effects. An entheogen is a natural substance that can help a person with personal desired or undesired developments through intense mind expansion.

The setting and use of 100% organic and biological Magic Truffles or Mushrooms

The setting where the spiritual journey or trip takes place and the mood you are in, are just as important as choosing the right strength psilocybin mind-expanding truffle or mushroom (grow kit). Do not start with an extremely strong truffle or mushroom species if you have not previously been in contact with the active substance psilocybin. Pajaritos or Tampanenis truffles are perfect for a first introduction to the wonderful world of psilocybin. If you want to grow your own mushrooms for the first time with a grow kit, then the 100% Mycelium Grow Kit Thai XP from Fresh Mushrooms is an excellent choice. If you are a real psychonaut or have experience with psilocybin, we recommend the 100% Organic Psilocybe Utopia Truffle or the 100% Mycelium Grow Kit Golden Teacher XP. The Utopia and the Golden Teacher are two strong mind-altering and visual truffle / mushroom strains.

The setting is of great importance and also influences the mood. The trip should be central, so distractions are not desirable. Make sure you have a relaxed atmosphere and a quiet and familiar environment if you plan to consume mind-altering truffles or magic mushrooms. Your own living room or that of a good friend are excellent for a good psilocybin truffle or mushroom trip. Make sure you have a good "set & setting" and take measures like tidying up the room or putting things ready that you think you will need during the psilocybin trip. You do not want to have to search for these things in the middle of your psychedelic trip. Make a music list, prepare a bottle of water or a mattress in case you want to lie down. A sleeping mask (Mindfold) is also desirable if you are willing and planning to explore your own spiritual inner world.

For most, the experience of tripping with psilocybin truffles or magic mushrooms is fantastic and almost magical. However, some people don't tolerate the visual effects or the change in perception of reality very well, which can make them scared. Don't worry, the effects disappear after a few hours. In these cases it is advisable to have a "tripsitter" next to you. A tripsitter is a trusted person who is present sober and ensures the peace and safety of the users during the trip, so they can completely surrender to the magical and psychedelic experience.

Organic Fresh Mushrooms 100% Mycelium Grow Kits XP of excellent quality

The 100% Mycelium Grow Kits XP from Fresh Mushrooms are of excellent quality! Psilocybe Cubensis grow kits manufactured by experts with decades of experience in mushroom cultivation and with the use of psilocybin. XP stands for "Xtra Potent" and the mushroom grow kits of Fresh Mushrooms contain on average twice the amount of active ingredient (psilocin) than other brands of mushroom grow kits. This means that only half of a normal dose needs to be consumed for a desired psychedelic trip. Because the Fresh Mushrooms grow kits contain 100% Mycelium, the chance of shooting mind-blowing mushrooms is guaranteed, provided of course that the instructions are followed closely. Below you will find the assortment of Fresh Mushrooms 100% Mycelium Grow Kits XP of different psilocybin mushroom species, each with their own strength:

  • Fresh Mushrooms Golden Teacher XP rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Fresh Mushrooms Mc Kennaii XP rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Fresh Mushrooms Colombian XP strength: 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Fresh Mushrooms B+ XP strength: 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Fresh Mushrooms Thai XP rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

100% Mycelium Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits XP are incredibly easy to grow!

Do you want to grow your own magic mushrooms with the greatest ease? The instructions of the mind-expanding psilocybin mushroom grow kits of Fresh Mushrooms are very easy to follow. Because a grow kit of Fresh Mushrooms consists of a substrate of 100% mycelium, the chance that the mushrooms will shoot from this perfect soil is extremely high! Guaranteed harvest, provided of course the instructions are followed closely. Many other brands of grow kits don't have a 100% mycelium culture medium, making the growing instructions much more complicated. For example, these grow kits first need to be filled with water for 8 to 12 hours, then the water needs to be poured out before it can be placed in the included grow bag. This grow bag needs to be filled with water again, etc. With the 100% Mycelium Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits XP of Fresh Mushrooms you place the grow kit (without lid) straight out of the package into the grow bag, by folding the grow bag around the grow kit and you're ready for the first mushrooms to appear. These grow kits are ideal, even for those who don't know the first thing about growing mushrooms!

Together vitamins, pure nature and free from pesticides and herbicides

Together vitamins were created out of passion for clean and effective nutrition, with the aim of making a healthy contribution to the well-being of people and nature. Together Health, the company where the Together vitamins are produced, is certified as a Carbon Neutral company and tries in all possible ways to minimize its ecological footprint. The ecological footprint measures the impact we have on the earth. Together Health is a team of family, friends and like-minded people. They produce and deliver 100% clean and natural products. And also 100% vegan products. The company also reduces its carbon footprint by investing in the planting of Amazon rainforests. Together Health also works closely with Vitamin Angels. This is a charitable organisation based in Great Britain that supports disadvantaged mothers and malnourished children through vitamins and nutrition. Part of your purchase price will go to this wonderful charity. The Together vitamins are of course also for all vegans among us. All Together Health vegan products are certified by The Vegetarian Society (Approved vegan trademark) and are free from animal ingredients. Together Health supports and believes that a balanced vegan diet creates a sustainable future with a good balance between humans, animals and nature. Below are some vitamins and supplements from Together Health, 100% clean, pure and natural, and free from pesticides and herbicides.

Together - Algae Omega 3
Most Omega 3 is obtained from fish. Fish eat this algae and therefore contain Omega 3. However, the high-quality Omega 3 from Together is extracted from natural fish-free algae. This makes this product unique: the Omega 3 is extracted directly from (fish-free) algae without the use of chemicals, guaranteeing the purity and high quality of this natural product. Each softgel capsule is completely filled with naturally extracted EPA and DHA rich algae oil.

Together - Citrus Vitamin C
Highest quality vitamin C obtained from organically grown citrus fruits, including orange and lemon, with naturally occurring bioflavonoids. These super healthy bioflavonoids support and facilitate the absorption of vitamin C and are gentle on the stomach.

Together - Curcumin & Turmeric
Sustainably produced Turmeric roots from spiritual India where cultivation and use of this unique root in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine dates back thousands of years. Aryuveda is a traditional healing method indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. This curcumin and turmeric complex is a complete antioxidant formula containing the full spectrum of important compounds of turmeric mixed with a powerful standardized extract of curcumin.

Together - Multibiotic Fermented Food
A powerful and effective multi-biotic formula of no less than 45 different varieties of organically grown fruits and vegetables! The fruits and vegetables are fermented in a symbiotic co-culture of 11 live bacteria, yeasts and acetic acid bacteria. This multi-biotic formula from Together helps balance trillions of friendly gut bacteria and improve digestion and overall health.

Of course, our range of Together Health products includes many other Together vitamins and supplements such as Together Seaweed Calcium, Together Vegan Multi-Vitamin, Together Woman's Multi-Vitamin, Together Marine Magnesium, Together Vegan Vitamin D3, Together B-Vitamin Complex and Together Organic Mushroom B12.

Powerful Mushinto Mushroom Tinctures

Human use of mushrooms for medicinal purposes dates back no less than 30,000 years! As long as mankind exists, it is known with the medicinal applications and psychedelic properties of mushrooms. Beta-glucans and phytonutrients in medicinal mushrooms have been clinically proven to have a supportive effect on the immune system, body and mind. In Japan, China and Korea, many species of mushrooms with medicinal properties have been included in traditional medicine. Mushinto tinctures and extracts are powerful disease fighters and can be a solution for many ailments. We offer three special mushroom tinctures from Mushinto:

Mushinto - Reishi Tincture
The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), also known as the stalked lacquer mushroom, is called "Lingzhi" in Chinese, which means "mushroom of immortality". This mushroom species is extremely rare and only occurs in Asia. Because of its medicinal properties, the Reishi mushroom has been crowned the "king of medicinal mushrooms". With a deep-rooted traditional use in Japanese and Chinese medicine, this natural power source is truly unique. Mushinto Reishi tincture contains ganderic acid, which stimulates the immune system, and is rich in phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are bioactive substances that are associated with reducing the risk of serious chronic diseases. All these substances have a positive influence on the immune system, the blood vessels, the blood circulation and the functioning of the heart.

Mushinto - Chaga Tincture
The Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) also known as "the diamond of the forest" has been used traditionally in Russia and Northern Europe for centuries to promote vitality and protect against disease. This robust mushroom looks very much like burnt charcoal and when it comes to appearance, this mushroom species, unlike its medicinal effects, does not deserve the beauty prize. This unique mushroom with a vanilla flavor is registered in Russian and Chinese traditional medicine as a superfood. Chaga or birch weather fungus contains over 215 phytonutrients and glyconutrients including tripeptides, polysaccharides and betulinic acid. Betulinic acid, for example, has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. Furthermore, the medicinal Chaga mushroom is rich in amino acids, dietary fiber, minerals (copper, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus), vitamins B, K and vitamin D2. Mushinto Chaga tincture is a powerful preventive agent for the prevention of diseases, but also works to cure and supports the resistance.

Mushinto - Lion's Mane Tincture
The Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) or Wigweed Mushroom gets its name from its long and drooping white-yellow spines that resemble the mane of a lion. This is a beautiful and unique looking mushroom that is as powerful medicinally as a wild lion on the endless grassy plains of the Serengeti. Because of its ability to stimulate the brain, this mysterious mushroom has been dubbed "the smart mushroom". This tincture contains the full spectrum of healthy substances from the Lion's Mane mushroom. Mushinto Lion's Mane tincture has medicinal and healing properties. The mushroom is said to fight cancer, have protective factors for the heart, reduce stomach complaints, increase focus and concentration, and have a positive influence on the immune system and mental and physical health.

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